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Itinerary details

The nice beaches in there and its brilliant sun make the North of Madagascar famous. Discover its Baobabs, its story, its rocking Tsingy

DAY 1: Tana – Diego Suarez (the three bays) (01h 15 by plan)

Meeting with Mada Sky Tour staff then transfert to Diego Suarez. Upon arrival, check in at your Hotel. Cosmopolite population makes the city different than the other ones. There is where you can still find the last arabs of Madagascar, the last «creoles» the last generation of Indian. The both bays (Sakalava bay and Ramena bay) contribute to the fame of region. Don´t miss profiting the sunset at RAMENA Bay. Have lunch and make a picnic.

DAY 3 : Diego Suarez / MONTAGNE D´AMBRE

The «Montange d´Ambre» (Ambre Mountain) is very impressive thanks to primary forest in it and its fauna and Flora. 1475m of altitude, le volcanic massif contains many endemic fauna and flora. Orchids, big baobabs, numerous palm trees are all seen there. In that huge forest, it appears some waterfalls, lakes,… You are going to face also a forest full of wild lemurs. Make a picnic there.


Leaving Diego Suarez in the morning when the breakfast is ended to reach red Tsingy. Landscape, redish canyons will be seen on road and some typical villages before getting the site. It lasts one hour before the arrival. Then, RN6 leads you to Mahamasina for visiting «little Tsingy» with its water caves. Continuation to Iharana Bush Camp. After the end of the visit, lunch is going to be taken by your charge.


What about discovering Ankarana massif which is opposite to Iharana? We pass through the path of national park territory. Discover as well the nature there and the identity of the massif.
Climbing till the roof of Tsingy will bring us to the great view of the lake and the camping. Chameleon caves are very impressive too.
Free afternoon and profit everything, visit ecological swimming pool, massage space,… Then picnic with lunch closes the journey.
Lodging at Iharana bush camp in half guest house.


Keep moving and rejoin Ankify by car. On the way, you see the landscape of Sambirano and its coffee´s fields, Cacao´s fields and Rosa Palma´s fields. Have a lunch in Picnic.

The reception takes place at Hell-Ville port and you are going to be transfered to you Hotel. Free lunch and dinner by your charge.
Lodging with breakfast after.

We pass the plantation of coffee, vanilla, cacao, Ylang Ylang, pepper after the breakfast. Boarding for Nosy Be when leaving Ankify. Then first stay at Nosy Komba and Tanikely. Find out every wealth of the site. Have lunch at beach. After that, take back the way to Nosy Be where you´ll find your hotel.


We reach Nosy Be on boat. Be ready of smelling the nice scent of Ylang Ylang. Its huge beaches covered by nice sands, its coconut trees, its sea very rich of fishes and its some beautiful little islands can be appreciated. When you take the cost of West-North, you see and valleys hiding fruits and flowers. Upon arrival at the port of Nosy Be, get ready for being transfered to your Hotel.


Leaving Madagascar and moving to the islands such as «Nosy Komba» and «Nosy Tanikely». The first one is rich in lemurs and the second and last one is a sea reserve. Visit the village of fishers and profit to feed lemurs by giving them bananas. Continuation to Tanikely island and discovering multicolor of corallian reef on the depth of the sea. You can appear fishes just by watching from the surface of sea without diving .Then, view from height. Finish the excursion by having lunch in picnic.

Take a stay at the seaside and take part of some proposed activities before setting back to hotel.

Free lunch and dinner by your charge lodging with breakfast.


Free day and free lunch will let you to relax. Then transfert to the airport and flying to Antananarivo according to the flying timetable. But vehicle transfers you from the hotel in Nosy Be to its airport. We drop you till the airport so that you return safe to France.

Friday July 21st, 2017


Friday July 21st, 2017