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Itinerary details

DAY 1: Antananarivo

Meeting with Mada Sky Tour staff at the airport in Antananarivo. Then you are going to be transfered to your Hotel. Besides, you will find out your program and your timing there.

DAY 2: Antananarivo – Andasibe

After your breakfast, get ready for visiting Andasibe national park. Crossing highland and ricefield full of paddies will make your day with eucalyptus forests and landscapes also some ricefields are located under valleys. Before the first stop at Marozevo, mountains may amaze you. Visit now, Peyreiras reserve which contains butterflies, reptiles, chameleons, snakes, tomatoes frogs. You can see as well the center of breeding. Deforestation and brush fire threaten those species. Continuation towards Andasibe. Drive back to the Hotel for lunch before visiting the private reserve called Vokona. You have an opportunity to feed lemurs there because they seem familiar to human (bananas) such as brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs and black and white lemurs. You can take pictures as near as possible.Noctural visit is possible if that attempts you. At the same park crocodiles dwell there, some endemic birds also, and foussa foussana. This last is extremely famous in Madagascar.

DAY 3: Early breakfast before discovering Mantadia national park (37km)

Very famous thanks to its birds, Mantadia is dominated by humid tropical forest and contains Brachypterols, Engoulevent, Bulbul with grey head, Oxylabe with white throat, etc. Rare animal species as Eurycère can be seen, Vanga of Pollen as well. After the visit, take dinner first before nocturnal tour of visiting owls with long ears, chameleons, geckoes, frogs…

DAY 4: Andasibe – Akanin´ny Nofy

These are what are you going to visit at Analamazaotra national Park: Indri Indri which is the biggest lemur and other species of lemurs (Woody lemurs, diademed sifaka, red mouse-lemurs, grey bamboo lemur, brow lemur, black and white lemurs, etc) the place is also rich in flora: some medicinal plants, endemic plants, orchids are all present there. So, we just wait for your coming.

Moving to Manambato, then transfert on boat to Akanin´ny Nofy passing over Rasoabe lake. A little cross as well by Pangalana canal. Take dinner at Palm Beach Hotel or similary.

The tour in Analamazaotra national Park is exceptionnaly on foot around 2 to 3 hours.

Indri Indri is endemic in the region. Its size is 65 cm and its weight is around 25kg. It is recognized according to its sound. It doesn´t have tail. It´s the only monogame species. That means that the partner is irreplacable. Don´t forget to appreciate other lemur species such as Eulemur rubriventer, Hapalemur giseus, Varecia variegata and more.

DAY 5: Akanin´ny Nofy

After your breakfast, departure on foot and on boat for visiting the lemur species and amazing flora. It´s a guiding tour to private reserve of Ansirakalaloty in Palmarium. Find out its wealth and have fun. In the afternoon you discover the village of Betsimisaraka by the side of the channel. But what is more exciting is the nocturnal visit for seeing the famous strange lemur called AYE-AYE. Get back to the same Hotel for dinner and night.

DAY 6: Akanin´ny Nofy – Tananarivo – Mahambo

Now, we are going to reach Tamatave on boat by following Pangalana canal. That can take us around 3hours. Upon arrival, we take a stop for lunch before keeping on the way to Mahambo. We stay at «LA PIROGUE» Hotel for dinner and night or other similary Hotel.

DAY 7: Mahambo – Soanieranan Ivongo – Saint Marie

After your breakfast, departure to Soanierana Ivongo where we board and take a direction to Saint Marie island.
We need around 2hours for reaching the island. Upon arrival, we settle in the hotel and take lunch at the same place. Then free afternoon which can soothe your tiredness. Check in at Ravoraka Hotel or similary for dinner and night.

DAY 8 – 9: Saint Marie

Two relaxing days would be satisfactory for you with some activities that you can make. You can have a glass. You can as well make an excursion on boat for discovering more the island. During that time whales will amaze you. If you are interested to see whales, so you are expected to get there between July and October. Dinner and night at same hotel.
Tranfert to Tana according the flying timetable. You take you dinner and sleep at Sun City hotel or similary which is located in Antananarivo.